Mother of the Word

Mother of the Word

Children with goats in Rulindo, Rwanda


Mother of the Word

Also known as
Our Lady of Kibeho
In Rwanda

She appeared to several girls
Amongst them
Marie-Claire Mulangango

She asked the visionaries
To spread the devotion
Of the seven sorrows Rosary

Meditate on the Passion of Jesus
Meditate on the deep sorrows of His mother

Pray the rosary
Pray the rosary of the seven sorrows
And obtain the favour of repentance

Mary predicted terrible wars
In the region of Central Africa
If hearts turned not to her

Many of the visionaries
Were killed in 1994
During the terrible genocide

Let us pray

the rosary of the seven sorrows of the blessed virgin of Kibeho

Amahoro mezah!


Where to buy the rosary of seven sorrows


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