Amo ergo sum, I love therefore I am

Amo ergo sum, I love therefore I am

Amo ergo sum, I love therefore I am

The phrase “amo ergo sum” is a play on René Descartes’ famous philosophical statement, “Cogito, ergo sum,” which means “I think, therefore I am.” The phrase “amo ergo sum” means “I love, therefore I am,” and it suggests that love is a fundamental part of human existence.

While the phrase “amo ergo sum” is not directly related to the arguments for the existence of God, it does touch on the question of what it means to be human and what our fundamental nature is. The idea that love is a fundamental part of human existence is a common theme in philosophy, literature, and religion, and it suggests that our relationships with others and our capacity to love are essential to our sense of identity and purpose in life.

Some religious traditions, such as Christianity, emphasize the importance of love and see it as a reflection of God’s nature. In this view, love is not just a human emotion but a divine attribute that we are called to emulate. Others, such as existentialist philosophers, see love as a way to overcome the existential angst and meaninglessness of human existence.

Overall, the phrase “amo ergo sum” suggests that love is a central aspect of human existence, and it points to the importance of relationships and connections with others in our lives. And for those who believe God is the heart of our existence.

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