Rosary beads for the mother

Encounter between Marayam and Elisheva

Encounter between Marayam and Elisheva


The rosary has 5 * 10 beads + 5 = 55 ( =10) + 3 + 1= 59  beads ( = 5 )
It is prayed 3 times (ancient)  55* 3 =  165 (=3) + 3 + 1= 169 (= 7)
or 4 times (new) = 55* 4 = 220 (=4) + 3 + 1= 224 (= 8)

Every rosary expresses a mystery of the life of Jesus and is prayed with the heart of His Mother, Mary.

joyful mysteries

  • announciation by the angel Gabriel
  • visitation to her niece Elisabeth,
  • birth of Jesus
  • presentation in the temple,
  • Jesus found in the temple

lightful mysteries

have been added recently refering to the public life of Jesus

  • baptism,
  • wedding in cana,
  • proclamation of The Kingdom of God
  • transfiguration on mount Tabor
  • the Eucharist

painful mysteries

  • agony in the garden of Gethsemani
  • scourging at the pillar
  • crowning with thorns
  • carrying of the cross
  • crucifixion and dead on the cross

glorious mysteries

  • resurrection
  • ascencion
  • descend of the Holy Spirit
  • assumtion
  • coronation
Our Lady of the rosary

Blessed Virgin Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary

Some numerology:

1 The first bead is for the Most High
2 is for Jesus ( His divinity in our Humanity, Incarnation)
3 for the Father, the Son and the holy Spirit
5 for the mother of Jesus, Mary
7 for the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit
8 for the mystical body of all believers ( church)
9 Divine hierarchie or choirs of angels:
Serafin, Cherubin, Trone
Authorities, powers, executions
Principalities, archangels, guardian angels
10 for the gathering of the 9 angel choirs and the assembly of devotees throughout time and space the 10 propositions for life ( commands) of Moses

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how to pray the rosary

Some Q&A

* By rotating rosary beads I wonder how one succeeds


Rosary beads for the mother

Rosary beads for the mother

* How many beads are there is a rosary?

One rosary = 59 beads…
When prayed More times 55 (only circle of mysteries)

Hindu rosary

Buddhist or Hindu prayer beads isolated on white.

* Hindus have either 54 or 108 beads. 108 is a special number. If we chant with 54 beads, two cycles to be completed (minimum). A little variance. Destination of all rivers is the Ocean. 

What a beautifull meaning!

9 being number of divine and 1 of completion
9*12= 108
9*6= 54
9*3= 27
Always 9

In sunyears the moon has 28 days
In moonyears the moon has 27 days…

There is always more to words, numbers and symbols!

* The rosary of the muslims honors the 99 names of Most High. A beautiful prayer.

wooden Rosary Beads

wooden Rosary Beads


* How to make my own rosary?


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A choice of rosaries A rosary helps us focus on the mysteries of divine and daily prayer. Prayer is not emptiness… it is an expression of our devotion.


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