Rosary beads for the mother

Rosary beads for the mother. Encounter between Marayam and Elisheva
Encounter between Marayam and Elisheva

Rosary beads for the mother

The rosary has 5 times 10 beads and 5 extra beads = 55 ( =10) + 3 + 1= 59  beads ( = 5 )
It is prayed 3 times (ancient)  55 beads x 3 =  165 (=3) + 3 + 1= 169 (= 7)
or 4 times (new) = 55 x 4 = 220 (=4) + 3 + 1= 224 (= 8)

Every rosary expresses a mystery of the life of Jesus and is prayed with the heart of His Mother, Mary.

joyful mysteries

  • announciation by the angel Gabriel
  • visitation to her niece Elisabeth,
  • birth of Jesus
  • presentation in the temple,
  • Jesus found in the temple

lightful mysteries

have been added recently refering to the public life of Jesus

  • baptism,
  • wedding in cana
  • proclamation of The Kingdom of God
  • transfiguration on mount Tabor
  • the Eucharist

painful mysteries

  • agony in the garden of Gethsemani
  • scourging at the pillar
  • crowning with thorns
  • carrying of the cross
  • crucifixion and dead on the cross

glorious mysteries


Some Christian numerology:

1 The first bead is for the Most High
2 is for Jesus ( His divinity in our Humanity, Incarnation)
3 for the Father, the Son and the holy Spirit
4 for the Holy Cross
5 for the mother of Jesus, Mary
7 for the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit
8 for the mystical body of all believers ( church)
9 Divine hierarchie or choirs of angels:
Serafin, Cherubin, Trone
Authorities, powers, executions
Principalities, archangels, guardian angels
10 for the gathering of the 9 angel choirs and the assembly of devotees throughout time and space the 10 propositions for life ( commands) of Moses

Our Lady of the rosary
Blessed Virgin Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary

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how to pray the rosary

Some Q&A

Rosary beads for the mother
Rosary beads for the mother

* the christian rosary


One christian rosary has 59 beads…
When prayed three times (1 x 58) + (2 x 55) for every circle of mysteries

* the hindu rosary

Hindu rosary
Buddhist or Hindu prayer beads isolated on white.

Hindus have either 54 or 108 beads. 108 is a special number. If we chant with 54 beads, two cycles to be completed (minimum). A little variance. Destination of all rivers is the Ocean. What a beautifull meaning!

9 being number of divine and 1 of completion
9*12= 108
9*6= 54
9*3= 27
Always 9m

In sunyears the moon has 28 days
In moonyears the moon has 27 days…

There is always more to words, numbers and symbols!

wooden Rosary Beads
wooden Rosary Beads

* The muslim rosary

The rosary of the muslims honors the 99 names of Most High. A beautiful prayer.

Shop Corner

A choice of rosaries A rosary helps us focus on the mysteries of divine and daily prayer. Prayer is not emptiness… it is an expression of our devotion.

Let us pray!

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