9 days before Christmas

9 days of prayer before christmas. A great novene, invocation, imploration for mercy and help.
Praying hands by Dürer

9 days before Christmas

The great christmas novene
Starts 9 days before christmas
As a grand invocation

And it begins on december the 16th

‘Divine little child
And yet omnipotent
And mercyful God

The wonder of your Birth
Adresses all menkind
The shepherds and the Wise men

And those who responded to your call
Found the Prince of Peace
The Redeemer of menkind
And Son of God

Show us
Your goodness
Your almighty power

Enlighten our mind
Strenghten our will
Open our heart

To search and find You
To love and serve You
In this life

Unto your eternal kingdom

Help me:
(State your intention here)

I humbly ask with your mother
All the angels
And numerous saints

Thank you ‘


O come Emmmanuel, by Selah

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