Fraternity for a better world

Fraternity for a better world. Fratelli tutti. All brothers. Keywords, points of action, bookstore
Fraternity for a better world. Fratelli tutti. All brothers. Keywords, points of action, bookstore

Fraternity for a better world

Fratelli Tutti

Fratelli Tutti” is a papal encyclical written by Pope Francis and released on October 4, 2020. The encyclical, whose title means “All Brothers” in Italian, calls for greater fraternity and social friendship among all people worldwide. It is inspired by the life and teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of ecology and peace. The document is divided into eight chapters, which we’ll summarize here.

Dark Clouds over a Closed World

Pope Francis discusses the various crises faced by humanity, including wars, environmental degradation, the erosion of human rights, and the rise of individualism. He calls for a renewed sense of brotherhood and solidarity to address these challenges.

A Stranger on the Road

Drawing on the parable of the Good Samaritan, the Pope emphasizes the importance of compassion and care for others, regardless of their background. He urges people to break down barriers and foster a culture of encounter and dialogue.

Envisaging and Engendering an Open World

Pope Francis calls for a more inclusive society, promoting the rights of all people, especially migrants and refugees. He advocates for a world that is open to everyone, with global policies and institutions that prioritize the common good.

A Heart Open to the Whole World

The Pope stresses the importance of solidarity and friendship among nations, cultures, and religions. He encourages open dialogue to combat the rise of nationalism, xenophobia, and racism.

A Better Kind of Politics

Pope Francis critiques the current political climate and calls for a more ethical, just, and participatory form of politics. He highlights the need for politicians to serve the common good, rather than their own interests or those of a select few.

Dialogue and Friendship in Society

The Pope encourages dialogue among people of different beliefs, emphasizing the importance of respect, understanding, and cooperation. He also discusses the role of religions in fostering peace and social cohesion.

Paths of Renewed Encounter

Pope Francis discusses various strategies for rebuilding society, including dialogue, education, and social action. He also calls for a renewed commitment to global disarmament and the elimination of nuclear weapons.

Religions at the Service of Fraternity in Our World

In the final chapter, Pope Francis highlights the role of religious communities in fostering peace and fraternity. He urges religious leaders to work together to address global challenges and promote a culture of encounter and dialogue.

Throughout “Fratelli Tutti,” Pope Francis emphasizes the need for a universal fraternity that transcends borders, languages, and cultures. He calls on all people to work together to build a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world, and to embrace a spirit of brotherhood, solidarity, and love for one another.

Table with keywords and points of action

KeywordsPoints of Action
FraternityCultivate a sense of brotherhood among all people, transcending borders and cultures.
SolidarityWork together to address global challenges and support marginalized communities.
Encounter & DialoguePromote open conversation and understanding among different religions, cultures, and nations.
CompassionShow kindness and empathy to others, regardless of background or beliefs.
InclusivityBuild an open world that respects the rights of all people, especially migrants and refugees.
Common GoodEncourage political, economic, and social systems that prioritize the well-being of all.
Ethical PoliticsAdvocate for honest, just, and participatory political systems that serve the greater good.
Global DisarmamentPush for the elimination of nuclear weapons and a renewed commitment to peace.
Interfaith DialogueFoster relationships among different religious communities to promote peace and understanding.
Social RenewalUse dialogue, education, and social action to rebuild societies and foster justice and peace.
Environmental CarePromote responsible stewardship of the planet and advocate for sustainable practices.
Human RightsDefend and uphold the dignity and rights of all individuals, regardless of their background.
Global CooperationEncourage nations to work together to address shared challenges and promote peace.
Local CommunitiesStrengthen local bonds and prioritize social development at the grassroots level.
Education & FormationFoster the values of fraternity, solidarity, and social friendship through education and cultural exchange.
Service to OthersEncourage acts of service and volunteerism to help those in need and foster a sense of community.
Rejection of ViolencePromote non-violent solutions to conflicts and work towards global disarmament.
Social JusticeAdvocate for fair and equal distribution of resources and opportunities to reduce poverty and inequality.
Respect for DiversityCelebrate and respect the unique qualities of different cultures, religions, and traditions.
Responsible GovernanceEncourage transparency, accountability, and good governance to build trust in political institutions.


Fratelli Tutti” , a papal encyclical can be found on the Vatican’s official website. To access the full text, visit the following link:

Additionally, you can find “Fratelli Tutti” in print and digital formats from various Catholic bookstores, religious institutions, or online retailers like Amazon. Keep in mind that there may be translations available in multiple languages to suit your preference.

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