Our Lady of Help

Our Lady of Help, perpetual succour, auxiliatrix Christionorum invoked by the oppressed, rejected and persecuted
Our Lady Help of persecuted Christians

Our Lady of Help

Also known as

Our Lady help of Christians
Auxiliatrix Christianorum
Our lady of Perpetual Succour

Invoked by those persecuted because of their faith
Invoked by those oppressed because of their faith
Invoked by those rejected because of their faith

Help for the families
Help for the nations
Help for the World

Help for the sick
Help for the needy
Help for the dying

O mother we invoke thy prayer
May the Lord have mercy on us
And grant us peace


Teach me, O Mary Auxiliatrix, to be sweet and good in all the events of my life; in the deceptions lived, in our lack of care of others, in the lack of sincerity from those whom I believed in, in the disloyalty of those whom I trusted.

Help me to forget myself so as to think about the happiness of others; to hide my small sufferings in such a way that I am the only one that suffers them.

Teach me to benefit from my sufferings, to use them in such a way so that they soften me and do not harden or enbitter me; that they make me more patient and not irritable; that they make me generous in my clemancy and not narrow and despotic.

May nobody be less good, less amiable, less noble nor less holy for having been my companion in this journey towards life eternal. Amen


Our lady help.of Christians, patrones of Australia

Salesian devotion to our Lady help of Christians

Our Lady helper of persecuted Christians

Let us pray for help!

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