Candlemas and pancakes

Candlemas and pancakes  to  celebrate  Christ  as Light of the World. A prayer for prosperity at the begin of the Cosmic Spring.

Candlemas and pancakes

What is Candlemas?

Candlemas is an old tradition in Europe.
The feast concludes the festivities of Christmas before Lent.
The great fasting.

It is a spiritual and cosmic event.
Since it is also the beginning of the cosmic spring.

The days are growing faster.
The Light is omnipresent again

The feast of Light!

And the pancakes?

Pancakes are eaten as a symbol of prosperity
for the coming year.

And wheater quotes tell us
that winter grows colder
or cold tempers in those days

For this years it looks like growing colder


And the candles ?

Candles are blessed, lit and presented in the churches
To commemorate the Presentation of Jesus
at the Temple of Jerusalem.

Son of the divine Law

 Video’s with American and French recipes

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