The Holy and Great Week

The Holy and Great Week where christians remember the passion, dead and Resurrection of Jesus.
The son of men shall be exalted

The Holy and Great Week

The week before Easter
The last week of Lent
The Holy week

The Greater week

Where Jesus
Goes up
To Jerusalem

Destroy this Temple
And I will build it up
In three days

It starts with Palm Sunday
Followed by the Easter Triduum

White Thursday
Good Friday
Silent Saturday

The week of His passion
The week of betrayal
The week of cowards

Institution of the Eucharist
Institution of the Absolution

So that all Scriptures
May be fulfilled


Meaning of Holy Week

Holy week in the Eastern Orthodox Church


What is the Holy week


Classical music for Eastern and the Holy Week

The Holy week: sacred music for meditation

Let us remember the passion of The Lord

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