The apparitions of Our Lady of Pellevoisin (1876)

The apparitions of Our Lady of Pellevoisin (1876)
The apparitions of Our Lady of Pellevoisin (1876)

The apparitions of Our Lady of Pellevoisin (1876)

Our Lady of Pellevoisin is associated with the reported apparitions experienced by Estelle Faguette, a French woman who was gravely ill, in the village of Pellevoisin, France, in 1876.

During her illness, Estelle claimed to have had multiple encounters with the Virgin Mary, who appeared to her as the Queen of Heaven. The apparitions conveyed messages centered around love, conversion, and prayer, encouraging people to turn to God and seek reconciliation.

After the apparitions, Estelle reported receiving several miraculous healings and spiritual graces. Her remarkable recovery and the accounts of the apparitions garnered attention, leading to investigations by church authorities.

One can be saved in every state.
Where you are, you can do a great deal of good,
and you can publish my glory.

Our Lady or Pellevoisin

The Catholic Church conducted a thorough investigation into the apparitions of Our Lady of Pellevoisin. In 1922, the apparitions were officially recognized by the Church as supernatural and worthy of belief. Following this recognition, a sanctuary was established at the site of the apparitions in Pellevoisin.

The sanctuary in Pellevoisin has become a place of pilgrimage, drawing believers who seek spiritual solace, healing, and a deeper connection with the messages conveyed during the apparitions. The site offers opportunities for prayer, reflection, and participation in the sacraments.

It’s worth noting that the recognition of an apparition by the Catholic Church as “worthy of belief” does not imply that the faithful are required to believe in it as a matter of faith. However, such recognition can serve as an encouragement for those who are drawn to the messages and graces associated with the apparition.

If you are interested in learning more about Our Lady of Pellevoisin or planning a visit to the sanctuary, I recommend consulting official sources, such as the local diocese or the sanctuary itself, for more detailed and accurate information.

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