The apparitions of Our Lady of the Green Scapular

The apparitions of Our Lady of the Green Scapular.
The apparitions of Our Lady of the Green Scapular.

The apparitions of Our Lady of the Green Scapular

The apparitions of Our Lady of the Green Scapular are associated with the revelations received by Sister Justine Bisqueyburu, a French nun in Paris, during the 19th century.

According to Sister Justine’s accounts, the Virgin Mary appeared to her in 1840 and revealed the Green Scapular as a means of obtaining graces and promoting conversion. The Green Scapular is a small cloth badge, usually green in color, depicting the image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on one side and an inscription on the other side.

During the apparition, Mary explained to Sister Justine the significance and purpose of the Green Scapular. She encouraged its use as a sacramental, explaining that those who wear it with faith and pray for the conversion of sinners can obtain great graces, including the gift of conversion itself.

The Virgin Mary emphasized the importance of spreading the Green Scapular and its devotion, believing that it would bring about the conversion of many souls. She encouraged individuals to give the scapular to others, even if they were not aware of its significance, with the intention of obtaining their conversion.

The Green Scapular devotion emphasizes the power of prayer, particularly for the conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls. It is believed that by wearing or placing the Green Scapular near a person, especially those who are spiritually indifferent or far from the faith, the Blessed Virgin intercedes for their conversion.

The Green Scapular devotion gained popularity over the years, spreading beyond France to various parts of the world. It has been embraced by many Catholics as a means of fostering spiritual growth, deepening their devotion to Mary, and interceding for the conversion of others.

It’s important to note that the Green Scapular devotion, while recognized and approved by the Church, does not carry the same level of formal recognition as some other Marian apparitions. Nevertheless, it has found a place in the devotional practices of many Catholics who seek the intercession of Our Lady for the conversion and salvation of souls.

What exactly is a Scapular

A scapular is a type of garment or cloth worn by individuals as a sign of devotion and a reminder of their commitment to a particular spiritual practice or religious order. It typically consists of two small pieces of cloth, usually rectangular or square in shape, connected by strings or cords.

The word “scapular” comes from the Latin word “scapulae,” which means “shoulders.” Traditionally, scapulars were large, shoulder-length pieces of cloth worn by members of religious orders as part of their habit. Over time, smaller versions of the scapular were developed for the laity to wear.

In the context of Marian devotion, such as the Green Scapular, the scapular is usually smaller and can be worn around the neck. It is often made of cloth, with images or symbols related to the particular devotion or apparition associated with it. The scapular is typically worn with one part of the cloth resting on the chest and the other on the back.

Wearing a scapular is seen as a sign of one’s consecration to a particular saint, devotion, or religious order. It serves as a visual reminder of the wearer’s commitment to living a faithful life and seeking the intercession and protection of the saint or devotion associated with the scapular.

Scapulars are not magical or superstitious objects. They are regarded as sacramentals, which are sacred signs or objects that the Church recognizes as aiding the faithful in their spiritual journey. The wearing of a scapular is often accompanied by prayers, such as the recitation of specific prayers or the fulfillment of certain spiritual practices, which vary depending on the particular scapular and devotion.

While scapulars hold spiritual significance and are part of many devotional practices, they should not be seen as a substitute for a genuine commitment to faith, prayer, and living a virtuous life. They are meant to be a visible reminder and aid to one’s spiritual journey and devotion.

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