The Decapolis 

The Decapolis, what were the cities of the Decapolis
The Decapolis, what were the cities of the Decapolis

What were the cities of the Decapolis

The Decapolis was a league of ten cities in the eastern Roman Empire during the Hellenistic and Roman periods. The cities of the Decapolis were primarily located in the areas of modern-day Jordan, Israel, and Syria. While the exact composition of the Decapolis may have varied over time, the following cities are commonly associated with the league:

  • Damascus (Syria)
  • Gerasa (Jerash, Jordan)
  • Philadelphia (Amman, Jordan)
  • Raphana (Abila, Jordan)
  • Scythopolis (Beth Shean, Israel)
  • Pella (Tabaqat Fahl, Jordan)
  • Gadara (Umm Qais, Jordan)
  • Hippos (Susita, Israel)
  • Dion (Beit Ras, Jordan)
  • Canatha (Qanawat, Syria)

These ten cities were known for their Greek and Roman cultural influences and often served as centers of commerce, trade, and Hellenistic-Roman civilization in the region. It’s important to note that while these cities were associated with the Decapolis, the league itself was a loose confederation rather than a political entity with centralized governance.

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