Apparitions of Our mother of Good Success in Ecuador

Apparitions of Our mother of Good Success in Ecuador
Apparitions of Our mother of Good Success in Ecuador

Apparitions of Our mother of Good Success in Ecuador

The story of Our Lady of Good Success in Quito, Ecuador, is deeply woven into the fabric of Catholic faith in South America, rich with historical, spiritual, and cultural significance. This Marian apparition, distinct in its messages and timing, provides a narrative that spans centuries, involving remarkable figures and profound messages aimed at the Church and society.

The Story

The apparitions of Our Lady of Good Success began in the early 17th century, centered around a Conceptionist nun named Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres. Born in 1563 in Spain, Mother Mariana felt a calling to religious life from a young age. She journeyed to the New World and entered the Conceptionist convent in Quito, Ecuador.

From 1594, Mother Mariana experienced a series of visions and mystical encounters with the Blessed Virgin Mary. These apparitions continued over several decades, with the Blessed Mother appearing under the title of “Our Lady of Good Success.” The apparitions were not just for her time but contained prophecies concerning the moral and spiritual state of the world, particularly regarding the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Players

  • Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres: The central figure to whom Our Lady appeared. Her deep spiritual life and the sacrifices she offered were said to be in atonement for the sins of the 20th century, especially those against the Eucharist and the priesthood.
  • The Conceptionist Sisters: The religious community in Quito played a significant role, supporting Mother Mariana and becoming custodians of the devotion to Our Lady of Good Success.
  • The People of Ecuador: Over time, the people of Ecuador, and later the wider world, became devotees of Our Lady of Good Success, drawn by her message of hope and renewal.

The Message

The messages of Our Lady of Good Success were extensive, touching on various aspects of Christian life and the challenges facing the Church. Key elements included:

  • A Call to Conversion and Faith: Like many Marian apparitions, a central theme was the call for conversion back to the Gospel and a deeper faith in God.
  • Warnings about Moral and Spiritual Decline: The Blessed Mother warned about a severe decline in morals and faith, particularly affecting the clergy and religious orders, leading to a crisis of faith in the Church.
  • The Importance of Consecrated Life: She highlighted the critical role of consecrated men and women in preserving the faith and the importance of religious communities in the face of societal decay.
  • Promises of Assistance: Our Lady of Good Success promised her intercession for those who invoke her under this title, especially during times of personal and societal crisis.

The Legacy

The devotion to Our Lady of Good Success has grown, particularly in Ecuador but also internationally, with many finding solace and strength in her messages. The statue of Our Lady of Good Success, commissioned by Mother Mariana and miraculously completed by angels according to tradition, remains a focal point of veneration in the Conceptionist convent in Quito.

The story of Our Lady of Good Success is a call to heed the messages of the Blessed Virgin Mary for conversion, prayer, and a deeper trust in God’s providence. It invites the faithful to reflect on their spiritual life and the state of the world, encouraging a return to the values of the Gospel.

Apparitions of Our mother of Good Success in Ecuador: story, players, message
Mariana Francisca de Jesús Torres y Berriochoa

Prophecies, devotions and messages of Our Lady of Good Success for our times.

Our Lady of Good Success, appearing to Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres in Quito, Ecuador, imparted messages and prophecies that were strikingly pertinent to our times. These messages, rich in spiritual depth, offer guidance, warning, and hope, focusing on the trials and tribulations of the 20th and 21st centuries. The devotion to Our Lady of Good Success is intertwined with these prophetic messages, providing a beacon of light in times of darkness.


Our Lady of Good Success made several prophecies about significant challenges the Church and society would face, particularly highlighting:

  • Crisis in the Church: She foretold a severe crisis in the Church that would affect the 19th and 20th centuries, characterized by a lack of faith and moral decay, especially among the clergy and religious orders. This crisis would lead to a diminishment of vocations and a great falling away from faith and practice.
  • Loss of Innocence: The apparitions warned of a time when innocence would scarcely be found in children, and chastity would be almost extinct, reflecting a broader societal moral decline.
  • Attack on Marriage and the Family: The Blessed Mother highlighted the future attacks on the sanctity of marriage and family life, which would suffer from profound crises.
  • Neglect of the Sacraments: A specific warning was given about the neglect of the Holy Eucharist and a lack of reverence among the faithful, leading to widespread sacrilege.


The devotion to Our Lady of Good Success focuses on several key elements:

  • Trust in Mary’s Intercession: Devotees are encouraged to have a deep trust in Mary’s intercession, especially during times of personal and societal crisis.
  • Prayer and Reparation: A strong emphasis is placed on the power of prayer, especially the Rosary, and the importance of making reparations for the sins of the world.
  • Consecration: Individuals and families are encouraged to consecrate themselves to Our Lady of Good Success as a means of spiritual protection and guidance.
  • Feast Day and Pilgrimage: The feast day of Our Lady of Good Success is celebrated on February 2nd, coinciding with the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple. Pilgrimages to the Conceptionist Convent in Quito, where the statue of Our Lady of Good Success resides, are a significant aspect of the devotion.

Messages for Our Times

Our Lady of Good Success’s messages for our times emphasize:

  • Hope and Renewal: Despite the dire warnings, the Blessed Mother offers a message of hope, promising her special protection and the eventual restoration of the Church.
  • The Role of the Faithful: The faithful are called to remain steadfast in their beliefs, uphold the traditions of the Church, and live out their faith with integrity and fervor.
  • The Power of Prayer: Prayer, especially the Rosary, is highlighted as a powerful means to combat the evils of the times and to bring about personal and societal conversion.
  • Importance of the Sacraments: A return to a deeper reverence for and frequent reception of the Sacraments is advocated as essential for spiritual strength and renewal.

Our Lady of Good Success’s messages serve as a reminder of the ever-relevant call to faith, repentance, and trust in God’s providence, urging the faithful to look to Mary as a model of virtue and a source of consolation and hope.

Apparitions of Our mother of Good Success in Ecuador: story, players, message
Apparitions of Our mother of Good Success in Ecuador 4

Biblical references 

The apparitions of Our Lady of Good Success, like many Marian apparitions, do not have direct references in the Bible since they occurred centuries after the biblical texts were written. However, the messages and themes present in these apparitions often echo biblical principles and the role of Mary in salvation history. Here are a few biblical themes and references that resonate with the essence of Our Lady of Good Success’s messages:

Mary’s Role in Salvation

  • Luke 1:26-38 (The Annunciation): This passage describes the Angel Gabriel’s announcement to Mary that she would conceive and bear a son, Jesus. Mary’s fiat, her “yes” to God’s will, is foundational to her role in salvation history. The obedience and faith of Mary reflected in this event are central to understanding her role in the messages of Our Lady of Good Success.

The Importance of Faith and Conversion

  • Luke 15:7 (The Parable of the Lost Sheep): “I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.” The call to conversion and repentance in the messages of Our Lady of Good Success mirrors this biblical emphasis on the joy in heaven over a sinner’s return to God.

The Power of Prayer

  • 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” The emphasis on prayer, especially the Rosary, in the apparitions aligns with the biblical call to pray continually and to seek God’s will in all things.

The End Times and Perseverance in Faith

  • Matthew 24:12-13: “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.” The prophecies given to Mother Mariana about the trials and tribulations of the Church and society echo the biblical warnings about challenges to faith in the end times and the call to persevere.

Mary as Advocate and Intercessor

  • John 2:1-11 (The Wedding at Cana): Mary’s intercession with Jesus on behalf of the wedding guests, leading to His first miracle, underscores her role as an advocate for the needs of the people. This aspect of Mary’s ministry is highlighted in her promises of assistance and intercession in the apparitions.

These references provide a biblical context for understanding the themes of the Our Lady of Good Success apparitions. While the apparitions themselves are private revelations and not part of the biblical canon, the spiritual insights and calls to faith, conversion, prayer, and perseverance they offer are deeply rooted in the broader Christian tradition and its scriptural foundations.

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Online resources and books

For those seeking to deepen their understanding of Our Lady of Good Success and her messages, numerous online resources and books are available. These resources offer insights into the historical context, spiritual significance, and the continuing relevance of the apparitions to today’s world.

Online Resources

  • The Apostolate of Our Lady of Good Success: This official website dedicated to the devotion provides a wealth of information, including the history of the apparitions, messages, prayers, and details about the sanctuary in Quito, Ecuador. Learn about the 40-year visions of Our Lady to Mother Mariana in Quito, Ecuador, who foretold the future crisis of the Catholic Church in the 20th century. Discover the prophecies, devotions and messages of Our Lady of Good Success for our times.
  • Traditional Catholic Priest: This site offers detailed articles on Our Lady of Good Success, exploring the apparitions, prophecies, and their significance for the modern world.
  • Our Lady of Good Success – Catholic Tradition : Offers a comprehensive section on Our Lady of Good Success, including prayers, novenas, and a thorough account of the apparitions and messages. Venerable Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres was a Conceptionist nun from Spain who went to the Quito colony in Ecuador in 1576. Our Lady and Our Lord appeared to her and gave her many revelations, beginning in 1610, that included prophecies.
  • Our Lady of Good Success : Our Lady of Good Success is a Catholic Marian title associated with Marian images located in the Spanish cities of Granada and Zaragoza, the island of La Gomera, and the region of Catalonia. The seaside location of many of these images suggests that Spanish sailors would invoke Mary under this title specifically to petition for safe voyages. Wikipedia

These websites serve as excellent starting points for individuals and study groups interested in exploring the richness of this Marian devotion.


  • Our Lady of Good Success: Prophecies for Our Times” by Marian Therese Horvat: This book provides a detailed account of the life of Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres, the apparitions, and the messages of Our Lady of Good Success. It is an essential read for those looking to understand the depth of these revelations.
  • The Admirable Life of Mother Mariana“: Translated from the original Spanish by Fr. Manuel Sousa Pereira, this two-volume set is the most authoritative source on the life of Mother Mariana and the apparitions of Our Lady of Good Success. It includes biographical details of Mother Mariana’s life, the foundation of the Conceptionist Convent in Quito, and the messages entrusted to her by the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Our Lady of Good Success: Missionary Image Handbook” by Joan Carroll Cruz: This book explores the history and significance of the missionary image of Our Lady of Good Success and its impact on those who venerate it.

Additional Resources

For a deeper dive, consider exploring scholarly articles, documentaries, and interviews with experts on Marian apparitions. Many Catholic publishers and bookstores offer titles related to Our Lady of Good Success, and academic libraries may hold journals and publications on religious studies that explore the apparitions from a scholarly perspective.

Engaging with these resources can enrich your understanding of Our Lady of Good Success, inspire your faith, and deepen your devotion.

The devotion to Our Lady of Good Success

The devotion to Our Lady of Good Success, originating from the apparitions in Quito, Ecuador, has found resonance in various parts of the world, including coastal areas in Spain, although it’s essential to note that in Spain, Marian devotions often take on local forms and names, reflecting the cultural and historical context of each region. While the specific title of “Our Lady of Good Success” may not be widely recognized across all coastal areas of Spain, the essence of Marian devotion, which encompasses seeking Mary’s intercession, celebrating her feasts, and honoring her through processions and prayers, is deeply ingrained in Spanish religious culture.

Marian Devotion in Coastal Spain

In coastal regions of Spain, Marian devotion is expressed through veneration of titles and images of the Virgin Mary that reflect local histories, miracles, and maritime themes. For example:

  • Our Lady of the Rule (Nuestra Señora de la Regla) in Chipiona, Andalusia: This devotion is centered around a revered statue of the Virgin Mary, believed to have been hidden during the Moorish invasions and rediscovered miraculously. The Virgin under this title is the patroness of sailors, reflecting the maritime culture of the area.
  • Our Lady of Carmen (Virgen del Carmen): Considered the patroness of sailors and fishermen, the Virgen del Carmen is venerated widely in coastal towns across Spain, including Andalusia, Galicia, and the Canary Islands. Her feast day on July 16th is marked by processions where her image is carried through the streets and, in many places, taken out to sea, symbolizing her protection over those who face the dangers of the ocean.

Expressions of Devotion

The expressions of Marian devotion in these coastal regions of Spain often include:

  • Processions: Elaborate processions by sea and land are a hallmark of Marian feasts in coastal areas, where statues of the Virgin Mary are adorned with flowers and carried with reverence by the faithful.
  • Fiestas: The feast days of these Marian apparitions are celebrated with a mix of religious solemnity and community festivity, including Masses, prayers, and sometimes even fireworks and communal meals.
  • Prayers for Protection: Fishermen and sailors often invoke the Virgin Mary under her local titles for protection and safe passage through the seas, reflecting an enduring faith in her intercessory power.
  • Maritime Shrines: Many coastal towns have shrines dedicated to the Virgin Mary, where sailors and fishermen come to pray before and after their voyages, offering ex-votos or model boats in thanksgiving for her protection.


While the specific devotion to Our Lady of Good Success as known in Quito might not be widespread in coastal Spain, the spirit of Marian devotion—marked by deep reverence, communal celebration, and a strong sense of Mary’s protective and intercessory role—is vividly alive in the maritime traditions of the Spanish coast. This reflects a universal aspect of Marian devotion: the adaptation and integration of Mary’s veneration into the local culture and traditions of the faithful, highlighting her role as a mother and protector who is accessible to all, regardless of location or circumstance.

Let us pray with Mary, the Holy Mother of Jesus, Mother of ALL

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