Our lady of Shagoura

Our lady of Shagoura (Saydnaya) in Syria.  One of the oldest shrines in the world.

The son of Mary
The son of Mary

Our lady of Shagoura

The beautiful Hind
Trotting the path to the waters

Follow her

A shrine
Not far from Damascus


One of the oldest churches in the world
That remained faithful

Our Lady of Shagoura
(Saydnaya) in Syria

A women respected
By both christians and muslims

Ilustrious, Celebrated, and Renowned

Her icon, One of the four
painted by Luke

The Theotokos

God-bearer, Birth-Giver of God
the one who gives birth to God

In the old Syriac tradition

For muslims
A place of pilgrimage

The mother of Jesus

For roman Catholics
And Anglicans

Mother of God

A place of old
Where East ans West meet

In humble service to the One


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The Anaphora of Saints Mari and Addai or Holy Liturgy of Addai and Mari aka (also known as) The Holy Qurbana (Offering or Sacrifice) of Mar Addai and Mar Mari

The Holy Liturgy goes back to the time of Edessa
In the third century of our era

Our lady of Shagoura (Saydnaya) in Syria. One of the oldest shrines in the world.

Saint James the Just
Saint James the Just

The Liturgy of St James the Just
ancient liturgy of the Church of Jerusalem, One of the oldest Eucharistic services is the Celebration of the faithful

James, Brother of the Lord
Honored on the 23th of october

The legend of Justinian I
Roman and Byzantin Emperor
And constructor of the Edifice of Saidnaya 

Once seat
to the Patriarchate of Antioch


Patriarchal Convent Of our Lady of Saydnaya

’A beautiful tribute to her life

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