The apparitions of Our Lady of Beauraing in Belgium

The apparitions of Our Lady of Beauraing in Belgium. Our Lady of the Golden Heart
The apparitions of Our Lady of Beauraing in Belgium

The apparitions of Our Lady of Beauraing in Belgium


Our Lady of the Golden Heart

The apparitions of Our Lady of Beauraing occurred in the town of Beauraing, Belgium, between November 1932 and January 1933. The events began on the evening of November 29, 1932, when five children, ranging in age from nine to fifteen, claimed to have witnessed the Virgin Mary near a small grotto in the garden of the convent school they attended.

The children involved were Fernande, Gilberte, and Albert Voisin, and Andrée and Gilberte Degeimbre. According to their testimonies, they saw a bright light, and within it stood a beautiful lady dressed in white, with a blue sash and a crown of golden stars. The lady had a sweet smile and appeared to be about 18 years old.

Over the next few weeks, the children reported a total of 33 apparitions. The Virgin Mary allegedly spoke to them, urging them to pray, do penance, and console her Son. She also emphasized the importance of the Eucharist and the devotion to her Immaculate Heart.

Word of the apparitions quickly spread, and thousands of people gathered at the site, hoping to witness the supernatural events themselves. The children endured scrutiny and questioning from skeptics and Church authorities, but they maintained their accounts and remained steadfast in their faith.

The apparitions of Our Lady of Beauraing attracted attention not only in Belgium but also internationally. Pilgrims from various countries flocked to Beauraing, seeking solace, spiritual guidance, and healing. The reported miracles and conversions associated with the apparitions further fueled interest and devotion.

In 1949, the Catholic Church recognized the apparitions of Our Lady of Beauraing as worthy of belief. The local bishop, Bishop André-Marie Charue of Namur, declared that the events were of a supernatural nature and approved the veneration of Our Lady of Beauraing. The site became a popular pilgrimage destination, and a basilica was constructed to honor the Virgin Mary.

The messages conveyed during the apparitions stressed the importance of prayer, penance, and devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. They echoed the themes of Fatima and other Marian apparitions, emphasizing the need for conversion, peace, and the salvation of souls.

The apparitions of Our Lady of Beauraing continue to inspire and attract pilgrims who seek the intercession and blessings of the Virgin Mary. The site serves as a reminder of the powerful presence of the divine in the lives of ordinary individuals and the enduring faith of those who witnessed these extraordinary events.


Website of the Sanctuary of Notre-Dame de Beauraing


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